Business SEO and Social Analytics Reporting

One of the reasons we are so effective at what we do is that we measure every action we take with every account we can. We track your SEO, social and engagement across the internet to ensure that the steps we are taking are getting you the results you want. We use a 3rd party reporting system so that our involvement on a daily level with your site will not skew our own results.

You get reports every week, but what exactly do we track?

SEOSearch engine optimization has always been a mysterious “man behind the curtain” service that no one wants to talk about. The people who do it like to keep it all hocus-pocus and act like they are doing you a favor by not explaining it to you. We have a checklist and a plan of action for every client that includes SEO steps. They are monitored in this 3rd party reporting system and you always have access to see how your keywords are doing and how your website/s are ranking. This 3rd party emulates a real search engine user and gives you rankings from Google, Google Maps and Bing.

We analyze back-links, your competition, perform site audits and of course track your keyword rankings.

Website Traffic – We also take a good look at who is coming to your site, where they are going and where they leave or send you an inquiry at. This is important to know which pages are converting your browsers into customers and gives us an idea of which pages need the most help.

Social Media MonitoringSocial media has become the latest must do’s for businesses, people want to be involved, but they are not sure to what level. We track your performance, monitor the engagement levels and can even schedule your posts so they everything is optimized based on the data collected from our reporting system. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter gives us a ton of valuable data that shows us exact reach of each post. This way you know what is working.

PPC – Do you use PPC (pay per click) marketing already, or are you interested in starting to use it? Our PPC tracking tool can help you identify any keywords that are converting and making you money and which ones you are wasting money on. We track not only conversions, we track the costs too. By tracking costs we will show you in black and white which keywords are worth your time.

Other Integration – We can also report on, YouTube data, call tracking, Google Webmaster Tools, and have it emailed to you every week. You can also log into our reporting system any time you like and check out where your business stands online.